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3-D printing exoskeletons

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3-D printing can be a god-send to those whom whether by nature or tramatic incident have some kind of disability. One use for 3-D printing is creating exoskeletons that would allow for a person to walk or use limbs they would otherwise be unable to. The article below talks about one of those cases.


One thought on “3-D printing exoskeletons

  1. Intriguing blog with many good thought provoking posts, at least until I came to this one, then I realized this must be a high school students attempt at a post before the weekend party. If you want to encourage a new train of thought about a topic, spend more then 5 minutes on it. Also the comment about the little girl reminding you of a hobbit is incredibly disrespectful and I hope you rethink your future posts. ~Newly concerned citizen.


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