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Do prosthetics have to be expensive?

In the article below Jeremy Simon from 3duniverse.org talks about the $50 prosthetic hand he created for Jose Delgado Jr. and ask Jose to compare it to some of the much more expensive ones he has had to use in the past. While Jeremy does note that the comparision isn’t exactly, “apples to apples” Jose does seem to prefer the cheap 3-d printed hand for day-to-day activity. Everyday I’m amazed more and more as to how 3-d printing can transform lives and news like this only helps to renew that amazement.


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One man’s trash…

While we haven’t reached the point of being able to just shovel our used waterbottles into a machine in our house and have something new come out. We have moved one step closer with Liz Havlin’s open source project based on the work of Hugh Lyman. The device will be able to take recycled nuggets of plastic and spin it out into spools for printing. Liz is working on getting a kickstarter for the project up and running.


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Waste into Housing?

According to 3dprinting.com a Chinese company has found a way to print houses for cheap using construction and industrial waste.  If these do wind up being true and easily repeatable this could allow for housing in parts of the world that previously would have been unable to have a house due to lack of resources whether financial or physical.


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3-D printing exoskeletons

3-D printing can be a god-send to those whom whether by nature or tramatic incident have some kind of disability. One use for 3-D printing is creating exoskeletons that would allow for a person to walk or use limbs they would otherwise be unable to. The article below talks about one of those cases.


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The Next Frontier in 3-D Printing: Human Organs

We have all seen or read those Science Fiction stories where humans make clones of themselves to harvest them for organs and the ethical ramifications that would entail.  This CNN article on 3-D printing shows that this might not be a reality we have to face eventually.