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3D Printing News: Artificial Ears

Researchers have found a way to print 3D ears . This would not only help children born with deformities but also people who have last part or all of their ear in some form of accident or cancer. This is an amazing feat and one to change the future for the better.

3D printing is turning out to be an amazing discovery for science and medicine. However, we need to also think about the negative side effects that will undoubtedly effect our society. Should we freely be allowed to build and replace any body part or organ that stops working ? We have all read the books and seen the movies about humanoids who destroy our planet. The idea of a living robot is now not such a far fetched thought.


“Hear this: 3-D printing creates lifelike artificial ears; the prosthetic look and feel like the real thing, and could help accident victims or those with cancer.” Consumer Health News [English] 20 Feb. 2013. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 30 Mar. 2014.
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3D Printing Ethics

Recently, I found an article on the ethics involved with 3D printing. Definitely worth checking out. While 3D printing is absolutely amazing, as the technology progresses further it will be more and more difficult to regulate what can or cannot be made by whom.


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3D Printed Houses!…sort of

So I just saw this article posted today (Gizmodo) about a new option offered by the Plan Collection for 3D Printing options on new home models. Admittedly, this was the first thing that came to mind:


Or this…


While this is not the case with the Plan Collection, it is a really innovative idea for those looking to buy or construct a new home. Rather than looking solely at blueprints or rendered depictions of new homes, buyers can use CAD software to view scaled down replicas in real-life.

Straight from the source:

The Plan Collection

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3D Printed Candy

The ChefJet™ 3D Printer, which has been reported recently at the SXSW conference and CES 2014, will be available for purchase later this year. However, while the idea of having one of these in the comfort of your home sounds amazing, it should be noted that currently this will be “priced in the sub-$5,000 range”, so it may be a near-future restaurant venture rather than a late night snack kind of spectacle.

It will be pretty cool as this kind of technology expands, 3D printing will inevitably become more and more accessible. For more information, check out the 3DSystems site below:

3DSystems New ChefJet™ 3D Printer