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Vice Documentary – 3D Printed Guns

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Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of 3D printing so far has been the emergence of 3D printed guns. In case you haven’t heard of Vice.com yet, they cover pretty much everything and their documentaries are awesome. Check out their documentary below on 3D Printed Guns.

One thought on “Vice Documentary – 3D Printed Guns

  1. As someone who is Pro-rights which in turn means I am pro gun, I found this video very balanced. Allowed both sides to respectfully give their opinion without doing too much of he said she said. Our society as a whole has a lot to work on.

    At this point in time, injection molding and CNC machining is far faster and cheaper then 3D printing will be for a LONG time. The argument about home made weapons can be done with ANY topic, and most hardware store purchases.

    As 3D printing becomes a cheaper alternative, so do CNC machines. Regardless of how cheap the tool becomes, you STILL need knowledge to USE them… As well as evil intentions to make the use harmful. You could use intent with anything around today, and call for a ban. A dump truck in common day traffic would cause more harm then a plastic based weapon only able to fire a handful of bullets…. yes yes, as time goes on, 3D Printers will only become a more reliable means of manufacturing, but so will thousands of other products that are potentially harmful.


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